funnies friday

wait till his brother comes in to the room it is really the first one first it is worth your time trust me and i am going to and one more and it is iconic.
























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I lost my A but i think that my name is cool because most people with a name like mine there is Jacob and mine is just Jake. The meaning of Jake is “God Will Protect” so I hope he can protect me.

pros and cons of middle school

My pros and cons are probably close to yours and today I will be sharing my pros and cons of middle school. First I will start with my cons first of all I hate when school starts I need my sleep I need more sleep, another con is that we don’t get vending machines i get hungry in the middle of the day I think we should have vending machines, and finally my last con is that we don’t have good lunch food that is another reason to have vending machines. Now for my pros I am going to list these fast so let’s go. My first is that we have colored halls, my second is that we can sit anywhere when we eat, and finally my last pro is that we have time in between classes more than we need. 


phineas & ferb, my favorite fictional characters

Phineas & Ferb are my favorite fictional characters because they are always happy and super creative. I really like creativity because there is always a meaning behind it. They are both happy because they have each other and that is all they need.

Phineas & Ferb are my favorite fictional characters because they are always happy and never sad. That is why they are really rad.

free write: first three football games of the week scores and how they did.

The first game of week 5 was La Rams vs Seattle seahawks, the La Rams beat Seattle 26-17, I think the Rams deffensive line had a good game and so was Seattles they where presuring the QB and one play the Seattle line pressured the Rams QB fourced him to roll out and throw on the run it was a bad pass and he threw a interception.  In the secound game of week 5 the Alanta Falcons Beat the New York Jets 27-20 Final, I think if the jets line could hold longer i think the jets could of had a chance of winning.  In the third game of week 5 the New Egland Patriots Beat the Huston Texons 25-23 Final, I think both team did great but patriots pulled out the win.

10 foods and drinks I love

my number 1 favriot food is SHRIMP!

garlic butter shrimp

my number 2 favriot food is steak

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my nuber 3 favriot food is crepes


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my number 4 favriot food chick-fila chicken nugets

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my number 5 favriot food is ice-cream

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my number 1 favriot drink is a beach babe with passion fruit perals from swig

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my number 2 favriot drink is rootbeer

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my number 3 favriot drink is peach milk shakes

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my number 4 favriot drink is shirley temple

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my number 5 favriot drink is water

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poll results are in l

poll results we had ten people do my blog and the team that won is… the… Seattle Seahawks. I like the Seattle Seahawks but they are not my favorite if you are wondering who I thought would win it would be the Baltimore, Kansas, or Seattle. I was impressed when Seattle had 5 and the rest only had 1 I was impressed. thank you for reading my poll results.